Ft Lyon Bill Dies in Senate Appropriations

[May 3, 2013] Governor Hickenlooper’s plan for a new rehabilitation center for the state’s homeless has been rejected by the state legislature. The idea was to use a former psychiatric hospital and prison at Ft. Lyon in southeastern Colorado. A bill to do that made it through the House, but this morning the Senate appropriations committee killed the bill.

"We’ve looked at this for more than a year. Many, many, many of the questions that I’ve asked have never been answered," said El Paso County Republican Kent Lambert. "We get conflicting information all the time, we get dated information. So I’ll be a no."

Democrats Mary Hodge and Pat Steadman also voted against the bill. It now appears Ft. Lyon will be mothballed, but Steadman says he believes the legislature will revisit Ft. Lyon in the future.